The top ten domestic machine tool brands Qier Machine Tool

- Jan 01, 2021-

Qiqihar No. 2 Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd. (restructuring from the original Qiqihar No. 2 Machine Tool Plant) moved to Shenyang North in October 1950 to build a factory. It was the first batch of key enterprises in my country's machinery industry during the "First Five-Year Plan" period. After more than 50 years of development and construction, it has become a well-known production base for heavy machine tools and forging equipment in my country, a special key support enterprise for the industrialization of CNC machine tools during the National Eleventh Five-Year Plan, a national large-scale industrial enterprise, and the "Top Ten Enterprises" in the machine tool industry. . The enterprise is the factory of the well-known Ma Hengchang Group. Party and state leaders have visited the enterprise and the group for inspections. On July 1, 2008, Qier Machine Tool officially joined China General Technology (Group) Holding Co., Ltd., marking the return of Qier Machine Tool to the ranks of state-owned enterprises.