The types of Grinding machine

- Dec 05, 2020-

Grinding machine types of metal cutting machine tools up to a class of Beijing Hanyang, the main types of cylindrical grinder, internal grinder, surface grinder, centerless grinder, tool grinder and so on.

Cylindrical grinding machines are the most widely used, capable of machining a variety of cylindrical conical outer surfaces and shaft shoulder face grinding machines. The Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine also has an internal grinding attachment, which can grind large inner and outer taper surfaces. However, the low degree of automation of cylindrical grinders is only applicable to the production and repair of small batches. Wear resistant electrode

Internal grinding machine grinding wheel spindle speed is high, grinding cylindrical, conical bore surface. Ordinary internal cylindrical grinding machines are suitable only for single pieces and small batch production. Automatic semi-automatic internal grinding machines can be processed for automatic measurement, in addition to the automatic work cycle, and are mostly used for mass production.

Surface grinder workpieces are generally clamped on the workbench, or by electromagnetic suction fixed on the electromagnetic table, and then use the grinding wheel peripheral or end surface grinding workpiece surface grinder; centerless grinding machine usually refers to a centerless cylindrical grinder, that is, the workpiece without centering or chuck centering Supporting, and the workpiece is ground surface as the outer surface of the workpiece, the workpiece is located between the wheel guide wheel, supported by the pallet, this grinding machine production efficiency is high, easy to achieve automation, and more mass production.

Tool Grinding Machine is specially used for tool manufacturing tool sharpening grinding machine plastic industrial network. There are universal tool grinding machine, drill bit grinding machine, broaching blade grinding machine, tool curve grinding machine, etc., which are mostly used in tool factory machinery factory tool workshop.

Belt grinder uses fast moving abrasive belt as abrasive tool, workpiece is supported by conveyor belt, efficiency is several times higher than other grinders, power consumption is only a fraction of other grinders, mainly used for processing large-size plates, heat-resistant and difficult-to-process materials Mass production of flat parts.

Specialized grinding machines specialize in the grinding of certain types of parts such as crankshafts, camshafts, splined shafts, guide rails, blades, bearing raceways and gear threads. In addition to the above categories, there are many types such as honing machines, grinding machines, coordinate grinders and billet grinding machines.

The workpiece is supported between the two tips of the headstock and the tailstock, and is rotated by a dial of the headstock to perform a circumferential feed motion. The headstock and tailstock are mounted on the workbench for longitudinal reciprocating feed movements. The work bench is divided into two layers, the upper table can be adjusted to a small angle to grind the conical surface. Grinding wheel holders equipped with high-speed rotating wheels perform transverse feed movements.

In order to reduce the length of the machine, a large cylindrical grinding machine is generally fixed on the table, and the grinding wheel frame is used for longitudinal reciprocating motion and transverse feeding motion.

The grinding accuracy of the cylindrical grinding machine is generally as follows: the roundness is not more than 3 microns, the surface roughness is Ra 0.63-0.32 microns; the high-precision cylindrical grinder can reach roundness of 0.1 microns and Ra0.01 microns, respectively.

Cylindrical grinders are divided into cut-out cylindrical grinders, end face cylindrical grinders and universal cylindrical grinders.

Plunger-type cylindrical grinder: When the length of the workpiece grinding part is less than the width of the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel only needs continuous infeed, and does not need to perform relative axial movement with the workpiece. The productivity of this grinder is high.

End face cylindrical grinder: The grinding wheel frame is inclined at an angle around the vertical axis, and the grinding wheel surface is trimmed into two grinding surfaces that are parallel and perpendicular to the workpiece axis. The outer circle and the shoulder surface of the workpiece can be simultaneously grinded. Mass production.

Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine: Grinding wheel frame is equipped with internal grinding accessories. The grinding wheel frame and head frame can be adjusted at an angle around the vertical axis. In addition to rotating the dial on the head frame, the main shaft can also rotate. This grinding machine can expand the processing range, grinding inner and outer cones with large inner taper and taper, suitable for small and medium batch and single piece production.

In addition, there are double-grinding cylindrical grinding machines and multi-grinding cylindrical grinding machines, which can simultaneously grind two or more journals, suitable for mass production.