Tips for repairing band saw

- Dec 13, 2020-

There are many types of metal band sawing machines. There are still differences in maintenance due to different parts of different band saws. However, the maintenance of double-column metal band sawing machines is particularly important in the band sawing machine. Pay attention to the following items for daily maintenance and maintenance requirements.

1. Arrange the iron cuts in the working table and saw frame in time to prevent blocking the saw teeth.

2. Always check the purity and capacity of hydraulic oil and coolant, and filter or increase it in time to ensure sufficient oil and liquid supply to prevent the gambling of hydraulic parts and faucets from affecting the normal operation of the sawing machine.

3. Oil should be added to the guideway surface and each smooth point every shift, the saw wheel bearing and the big gear in the driving wheel should be added once a week, and the smooth oil in the gearbox should be replaced once a year.

4. Keep the rolling guide surface clean under the saw frame rotating body

Any band sawing machine must be regularly maintained and repaired during use, which not only extends the service life of the sawing machine, but also reduces the occurrence of problems of the sawing machine to a certain extent. The automatic band sawing machine has the function of fully automatic operation cycle from feeding to products. It is used for cutting and cutting materials in bearings, gears, motors, castings, cars and machinery manufacturing. It is the ideal equipment for mass production by large and medium-sized professional enterprises.