Weigao International acquired East China CNC machine tool market from the turmoil in the development

- Oct 12, 2020-

Talking about East China CNC, has been concerned about the stock market Xiaobian really very clear, East China CNC Weihai Huadong CNC Co., Ltd. is the issue of the current registered capital of 90 million yuan, is a CNC system, CNC machine tools, metal cutting Machine tools, machine tool accessories integrated machine tool manufacturing enterprises. But do not know is not inherited the machine tool industry has always been the stock market downturn, East China CNC in 2008, Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed on the small board, the stock market situation in the past decade only mixed with a "* st" hat, a machine tool market In another high-risk stocks.

In other words, although Huadong CNC wearing high-risk labels, but fortunately the "shell" is still there, then there will be Weigao International Weihai Huadong CNC company to become the largest shareholder of the news. It is reported that the former * ST East largest shareholder Dalian Gold Technology Development Co., Ltd. holds 49.376 million shares, accounting for 16.06% of the total share capital of the stock. In a public auction, Wei Hai Wei Gao International Medical Investment Holdings Limited that Vega International competing with 283 million yuan, in one fell swoop East China CNC largest shareholder.


This business change appears to be a poor management, a willingness to pick, but the problems exposed are worth considering. The first three quarters of this year, * ST East shareholders belonging to listed companies net loss of 162 million yuan. Although Huadong CNC intends to reverse the dilemma of the company through ways of issuance and major asset restructuring, it has encountered many difficulties. In 2017, * ST East planned two major asset restructurings and both ended in failure. The stock market fell frequently behind the East China NC's poor management. Despite the profits from resale of assets in 2014, the subsequent losses in 2015 and 2016 will be only guaranteed by equity stakes in 2017. East China CNC Although this should be responsible, but the reality of the downturn in the machine tool industry environment can not be ignored. Even if the industry gradually picks up later in 2017, many machine tool companies rejuvenate, but still no recovery of East China CNC's decline until the end of 2017 was acquired. Xiaobian can not help but think, as a member of the industry, many machine tool companies should for this industry, "not strong" to do what efforts?


The company easy to master, can revitalize new life? I think many people like Xiaobian care about this issue. According to Xiaobian finishing information, this is still very promising. In the big shareholders before the spread of shares of Dalian Gold auction news, * ST East first five consecutive word limit, before the suspension of the daily limit on December 18, the latest share price to 7.09 yuan / share, ten days Within the increase of 33.77%. From the stock market situation, the acquisition of investors for the purchase of East China CNC shares provide confidence, which undoubtedly * ST East stock market brought hope back. At the same time, the acquisition of Weigao International main business of one-time medical equipment and medicine itself is quite strength, after the reorganization of the machine tool industry to pick up the rise of the east is not necessarily impossible.


Xiaobian that the stock market is a microcosm of the development of the industry. A prosperous, a loss all losses. The layman to watch the fun, but as a practitioner in the machine tool industry, but to carefully study one of the doorways. Investment is not speculation, development can not be achieved overnight. Xiao Bian, or that sentence, the industry is Rong Rong enterprise, and the development of machine tool industry is still a long way to go. As a member of the industry, all machine tool companies should encourage each other.