What are the famous brands of CNC machine tools and machining centers at home and abroad

- Dec 26, 2020-

Famous brands of CNC machine tools and machining centers at home and abroad are:

1. Outside the country:

Japan Makino (Makino), Mazak (Mazak), OKUMA (OKUMA), Niigata Iron Works (NIGATA), New Nihon Koki (SNK), Kwangyang Machinery Industry (KOYO), Hyundai Heavy Industries (Hyunday), Daewoo Machine Tool (Deawoo), Mori Seiki (MORI SEIKI), Maike Group (Mectron).

2. Domestic:

Guilin Machine Tool, Yunnan Machine Tool, Beijing No. 2 Machine Tool Plant, Beijing No. 3 Machine Tool Plant, Tianjin No. 1 Machine Tool Plant, Shenyang No. 1 Machine Tool Plant, Jinan No. 1 Machine Tool Plant, Qinghai No. 1 Machine Tool Plant, Changzhou Machine Tool Plant, Zongheng International ( Former Nantong Machine Tool), Dahe Machine Tool Factory, Baoji Machine Tool Factory, Guilin Second Machine Tool Factory, Wanjia Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Tianjin Delian Machine Tool Service Co., Ltd.

The first machining center was successfully developed by Carney-Treck in 1958. It adds an automatic tool changer on the basis of the CNC horizontal boring and milling machine, which realizes the centralized processing of multiple processes such as milling, drilling, boring, reaming and tapping after the workpiece is clamped once.

The machining center is a highly automated multifunctional CNC machine tool with a tool magazine and automatic tool changer. After the workpiece is clamped on the machining center once, multiple processes can be completed on two or more surfaces, and there are multiple tool changing or tool selection functions, which greatly improves production efficiency.