Which machine tools does Germany, a powerful industrial country, import from?

- Jan 05, 2021-

As we all know, Germany is an old industrial power. German enterprises occupy a pivotal position in today's well-known machine tool field. Gildemeister, the world’s leading manufacturer of metal cutting machine tools, TRUMPF, one of the leading companies in the global manufacturing technology field with a history of more than 80 years, and Schuler, which has the world’s fastest press line ServolineL ( Schuler, Emag, the pioneer of inverted lathes, and Grob, the world’s most comprehensive production of machine tools, are all well-known machine tool masters from Germany.

This is inseparable from the fact that the German government has always valued the strategic position of the machine tool industry and adopted large-scale support measures. At the same time, Germany attaches great importance to scientific research and the combination of theoretical research and practical application, which also enables Germany to remain invincible in the machine tool field in the future. However, even so, Germany also needs to import machine tools from foreign countries.

First place: Switzerland

So far, most machine tools have been delivered to Germany by Swiss manufacturers. In 2018, German companies imported 1.162 billion euros worth of machine tools from Switzerland. This is an increase of 13% over the previous year, and it is still showing an upward trend.

Second place: Japan

Japan has always been famous for its precision. Among the seven most well-known industrial robot manufacturers in the world introduced earlier, Japanese manufacturers alone occupy four seats. (See the link at the end of the article).

In 2018, Germany imported machinery and equipment from Japanese machine tool manufacturers worth 417 million euros. Compared with the previous year, it has increased by 4%.

Third place: Italy

Unlike the general public, Italy is rich in pizza and pasta. Italy is also the third largest importer of German machine tools. In 2018, Italian machine tool manufacturers sold machine tool equipment worth 310 million euros to Germany. This amount is the same as the previous year.

Fourth place: Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a neighboring country of Germany. In 2018, Germany spent 243 million euros to purchase machine tools from the Czech Republic, an increase of 11% over the previous year.

Fifth place: South Korea

South Korea has many world-renowned machine tool manufacturers, such as Doosan Machine Tools and Hyundai Wia Machine Tools. In 2018, Germany imported German machine tools worth 199 million Euros from South Korea. Compared with last year, the increase rate reached 30%.

Sixth place: Austria

Germany's neighbor Austria is also a country where machine tool manufacturers gather. In 2018, German machine tool equipment worth 191 million euros was exported from Austria to Germany, an increase of 6%.

Seventh place: China

my country's machine tool production is also continuously developing. In 2018, my country delivered machine tools worth 172 million euros to Germany. This number has increased by 23% over last year.

Eighth place: United States

In 2018, Germany imported 143 million euros worth of machine tools from the United States. Compared with the same period last year, it was down 3%.

Ninth place: Taiwan, China

Taiwan is famous for its machine tool manufacturing, and its main customers are mainland China. Compared with last year, machine tool equipment sold to Germany in 2018 increased by 9%, valued at 128 million euros.

Tenth place: Poland

The tenth place, like the Czech Republic and Austria, are neighbors of Germany. Germany bought 118 million Euro worth of machine tools from Polish wellheads in 2018, which is 22% higher than the previous year.

From the latest data released by VDW, we can clearly and directly see that German machine tool importers are still dominated by European countries, but Asian countries are also rapidly growing into their important importers.