Woodworking CNC engraving machine how to maintain

- Oct 10, 2020-

1, woodworking CNC engraving confidential placed in a dry and well ventilated place (to prevent exposure);

2, woodworking CNC engraving machine must be equipped with a reliable voltage regulator to ensure safe grounding of the earth wire;

3, as far as possible not to use the Internet, computer output files to CNC woodworking engraving machine;

4 、 woodworking CNC engraving machine should be maintained every other month (in the screw on the right amount of lubricating oil);

5, control box should be placed in a well ventilated place, can not be placed in high temperature zone work;

6, in a certain period of time to check whether the woodworking CNC engraving machine line is loose;

7. Do not place sundries in woodwork, CNC engraving machines, table tops or machine heads (with magnetic materials, super heavy objects, liquids);

8, do not let the machine often work in the same corner of the CNC woodworking engraving machine table (in case the screw rod and rail are not contacted with the beam for a long time and can not be properly lubricated);

9, maintain good lubrication condition, regular inspection and cleaning screw, add or replace oil and grease, make the lead screw, nut and other moving parts always maintain good lubrication state, in order to reduce the speed of mechanical wear.