4 Column 1000 Ton Hydraulic Press

- Jan 31, 2018-

Machine Application Notes

Y32 series of four-column rail forming hydraulic machine is a high-speed multi-function machine. For metal and plastic products, compression and stretch molding, and stamping and overprinting movement. At the same time mainly used in machine tools, construction machinery, bearings, washing machines, auto parts, electrical components, powder metallurgy and other fields. In addition, for DMC, BMC and other plastic products molding. The device works 2-3 times faster than the Y41. The machine is highly automated and is especially suited for mass production of parts. It can be used as an assembly line with several such devices. Pressure, stroke and pressure hold time can be adjusted. The use of four-column guide and ejection device, the workpiece can be automatically pop-up, accurate guidance, fast. Drawing equipment can be added to this equipment in order to change the mold easily.

Structure Description

The machine consists of bed, cylinder, hydraulic system, workbench and other components. Machine using steel or steel welding, four lead column support. Casting machine is not easy to deformation, tempering steel to eliminate stress and prevent machine deformation. The closed tank is mounted on the right side of the machine and the oil level is indicated by the oil pointer. The top of the tank is equipped with a motor, oil pump and hydraulic system for easy maintenance. Simple and beautiful shape.

2, the cabinet is located on the right side of the fuselage, all the electrical components using well-known brands. Operation using centralized control, both hands at the same time button operation. There are two modes of operation (adjustment and automatic), which is more practical and easier. In addition, there are protective shields on both sides of the body. With safety light curtains, the operator can be protected while working. The machine adopts PLC control and TPC to modify and store the working parameters of the workpiece. It can even program 20 different work pieces and select the correct program for each work piece. Machine control voltage of 24v low voltage, access to universal power supply can be set according to customer needs, such as 220v, 380v, 410v. Equipment in strict accordance with the CE requirements of production, excellent quality and reliable.