4 Columns CNC Control System Pressing Machine

- Feb 02, 2018-

YTD32 4-column CNC press, 315T 4-column hydraulic press, punch press

This machine is suitable for a variety of drawings, cutting, forming process, especially for a variety of containers, all kinds of automotive panels, electrical appliances, kitchen appliances, tractors, motorcycles, aerospace, aviation, electronics, instrumentation, Rubber, chemical and other industrial sectors.

main feature

1. Three-beam four-post structure, optimized by computer design, economical and practical.

2. Hydraulic control system with integrated cartridge valve system, high reliability, long service life.

3. Hydraulic impact is small, reduce the pipeline and leakage point.

4. Independent electrical control system, reliable, intuitive, easy to maintain.

5. Centralized control design, two operating modes for selection.

6. The setup process is easy to implement.

7. Work pressure, travel according to technical requirements within the provisions of adjustable.