Application Range Of Automated Production Lines

- Apr 04, 2018-

There are automatic lines for casting, forging, stamping, heat treatment, welding, cutting, and mechanical assembly in the machinery manufacturing industry. There are also integrated automatic lines that include different types of processes such as blank manufacturing, processing, assembly, inspection, and packaging.

Automatic cutting lines are the fastest growing and most widely used in mechanical manufacturing. Mainly include: automatic line for assembling machine tools such as box, shell, miscellaneous parts, etc.; automatic line for processing of shafts, discs and other parts, consisting of general, special or special-purpose automatic machine tools; rotary body processing Automatic line; Rotor automatic line used for simple and small parts processing. [3]

1. Determine the beat time first: Regardless of the type of product, it is manufactured in the exact time it must be completed.

2. Unit flow: Only for one product, carry out the handling, assembly, processing and material collection of the unit parts.

3. Pilot: Make a device that visually understands takt time.

4. U-shaped production line: The equipment shall be arranged counter-clockwise according to the project sequence, and one person shall be responsible for the export and import.

5.AB control: Only when there is no product in the post-project and there is product in the pre-project, the project will be carried out.

6. Signals: Devices that convey product heterogeneity in the production line process.

7. Post-project receipt: The product of the production line should respond to the needs of the post-project.