Automatic Production Line Control System

- Apr 07, 2018-

Automatic line control system is mainly used to ensure that the line of machine tools, workpiece transfer systems, and auxiliary equipment in accordance with the requirements of the work cycle and interlocking requirements of normal work, and with fault detection device and signal detection device. In order to adapt to the automatic line debugging and normal operation requirements, the control system has three working states: adjustment, semi-automatic and automatic. In the adjustment state, manual operation and adjustment can be performed to realize the individual actions of a single device; in the semi-automatic state, a single cycle of a single device can be realized; in an automatic state, the automatic line can continuously work.

The control system has "pre-stop" control function. When the automatic line needs to stop under normal working conditions, it can only stop after completing a working cycle and all the relevant moving parts of the machine tool are returned to the original position. Other auxiliary equipment of the automatic line is set according to the process needs and the degree of automation, such as an automatic inspection device for the workpiece of the cleaning machine, an automatic tool change device, an automatic chip removal system, and a centralized cooling system. In order to increase the productivity of automatic lines, it is necessary to ensure the reliability of automatic lines. The main factors affecting the reliability of the automatic line are the stability of the processing quality and the reliability of the equipment. The development direction of automatic lines is mainly to increase productivity and increase versatility and flexibility. In order to meet the needs of multi-species production, an adjustable automatic line that can be quickly adjusted will be developed.