Common Knowledge Of Routine Maintenance Of Hydraulic Presses

- Aug 29, 2017-

1. The reason for the large noise of the hydraulic press

1. Relief valve instability, such as due to the formation of small round hydraulic valve Slide valve and valve hole with improper or cone valve and valve seat contact with dirt jammed, damping hole block, spring skew or failure so that the spool stuck Or in the valve hole is not moving, causing the system pressure fluctuations and noise. In this regard, should pay attention to cleaning, dredge Yan Nong hole; on the relief valve to check, if found to be damaged, or wear more than the provisions of the provisions, it should be promptly repaired or replaced;

2. Hydraulic pump or hydraulic motor quality is not good, usually the main part of the noise generated in the hydraulic transmission. The production of hydraulic pump is not good, the accuracy does not meet the technical requirements, pressure and flow fluctuations, trapped oil phenomenon is not a good elimination, sealing is not good, and poor quality of the bearings are the main cause of noise The In use, due to wear and tear parts of the hydraulic pump, the gap is too large, the flow is insufficient, the pressure is easy to fluctuate, also cause noise. In the face of the above reasons, one is to choose a good quality hydraulic pump or hydraulic motor, the second is to strengthen the maintenance and repair, such as if the gear tooth profile is low, then deal with the gear, to meet the contact surface requirements; , If the hydraulic pump axial clearance is too large and oil shortage, it should be repaired, so that the axial clearance within the allowable range; if the hydraulic pump selection is not right, then should be replace

3. The air intrusion into the hydraulic system is the main cause of noise. Because the hydraulic system of the small hydraulic press enters the air when it enters the air, it is compressed in the low pressure zone and is suddenly compressed when flowing to the high pressure zone. When it flows into the low pressure zone, the volume suddenly increases, and the volume of the bubble Of the sudden change, resulting in "explosion" phenomenon, resulting in noise, this phenomenon is often referred to as "hole". For this reason, the exhaust device is often provided on the hydraulic cylinder for exhaust. In addition, after driving, so that the implementation of the pieces to the speed of the whole trip several times the exhaust, is also commonly used method;

4. Inchange valve adjustment properly, so that the valve spool moving too fast, resulting in commutation impact, resulting in noise and vibration. In this case, if the game currency forming small hydraulic valve is a hydraulic valve, you should adjust the control circuit in the throttle components, so that the smooth and no impact. In operation, the hydraulic valve spool support on the spring, when the frequency and hydraulic pump oil rate of pulsation or other vibration source frequency is similar, it will cause vibration, noise. At this time, by changing the natural frequency of the piping system, change the position of the control valve or the appropriate accumulator, you can vibration and noise reduction.

Second, the hydraulic press does not guarantee how to do?

1. Holding pressure for too long, resulting in no pressure.

Solution: because the holding time is too long, resulting in lack of hydraulic oil, and not enough to provide pressure. In view of this problem, you can use the method of continuous replenishment, in the packing process in accordance with the pressure of the system to cover the pressure to carry out the pressure.

2. Hydraulic cylinder caused by leakage inside and outside the non-pressure.

Workaround: Solve the problem from the root. This situation requires the improvement of the fit between the hydraulic cylinder bore, the piston and the piston rod, and the manufacturing accuracy. Accuracy to meet the requirements, in order to effectively reduce the leakage caused by internal and external pressure problems.

3. various control valve leakage does not produce pressure.

Solution: to solve this problem, to fundamentally solve the need to improve the valve body processing accuracy and accuracy, in addition to pay attention to the structure of the valve body, which are able to effectively enhance the sealing and the use of reliability Of the necessary precautions.