Crankshaft Lathe Conditions Of Use

- Mar 27, 2018-

The normal use of the crankshaft lathe must meet the following conditions: the voltage fluctuation of the power supply at the location of the machine tool is small, the ambient temperature is less than 30 degrees and the relative temperature is less than 80%.

1 Machine location environmental requirements

The position of the machine tool should be kept away from vibration sources, direct sunlight, and heat radiation should be avoided to avoid the effects of moisture and air flow. If there is a vibration source near the machine tool, anti-vibration ditch should be set around the machine tool. Otherwise it will directly affect the machining accuracy and stability of the machine tool, which will cause the electronic components to be in poor contact and cause failures, which will affect the reliability of the machine tool.

2 power requirements

Generally, the crankshaft lathe is installed in a machining workshop, which not only has a large variation in ambient temperature, but also has poor use conditions and a large number of various electromechanical devices, resulting in large fluctuations in the power grid. Therefore, the position of the crankshaft lathe needs to be strictly controlled by the power supply voltage. Power supply voltage fluctuations must be within the allowable range and remain relatively stable. Otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the CNC system.

3 temperature conditions

The ambient temperature of the crankshaft lathe is less than 30 degrees and the relative temperature is less than 80%. In general, the numerical control electric control box is provided with an exhaust fan or a cold air blower inside, so as to keep the electronic components, especially the central processor operating temperature is constant or the temperature difference changes very little. Excessive temperature and humidity will lead to a decrease in the life of the control system components and lead to increased failures. As the temperature and humidity increase, more dust can cause sticking in the integrated circuit board and cause a short circuit.

4 Use the machine according to the instructions

When the user uses the machine tool, it is not allowed to freely change the parameters set by the manufacturer in the control system. The setting of these parameters is directly related to the dynamic characteristics of the various parts of the machine tool. Only the value of the gap compensation parameter can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

Users are not free to replace the machine tool accessories, such as the use of hydraulic chucks beyond the specification. When setting up accessories, manufacturers fully consider the matching of various parameters. Blind replacement results in mismatch of parameters at various stages, and even results in unpredictable accidents. The pressure of hydraulic chucks, hydraulic tool holders, hydraulic tailstocks, and hydraulic cylinders should all be within the allowable stress range and must not be arbitrarily increased.