Forge The Operation Of The Equipment

- Aug 29, 2017-

Forging equipment is widely used and has a long history of development. Today, we study the forging equipment in operation, we should pay attention to matters.

The process of forging equipment is the material cutting, heating, forging, heat treatment, this process requires the staff in a narrow place, the environment is harmful, even in a large space, the harm is different.

Because the forging equipment will produce high temperature and heat radiation in the work, such a long time will lead to increased body heat, heat disorders and pathological changes can be formed, in eight hours of labor in the amount of sweat with different heat and become different, or more, and when hot stove or hammer machine the salt and practice easily lead to spasm, and in the winter, cold weather, in this work will cause harm to health.

Forging equipment work environment, noise and vibration, air pollution, so the staff in operation should pay attention to.