Forge The Use Of Equipment

- Aug 29, 2017-

Load and energy of different forging equipment in different ways, the differences and characteristics of large forging speed, idle speed forging hydraulic press lower forging speed is lower and the practice of small changes, bumps, a trip to complete a process, suitable for forging and isothermal forging, the deformation velocity sensitivity to strong deformation at low temperature alloy and titanium alloy forgings.

The mechanical press is more traditional forging equipment, the mechanical press has higher idle speed, the practice of forging speed is very low, more bumpy, one stroke to complete a process, but also suitable for die forging. For low temperature forging alloy and titanium alloy forging hammer to deformation velocity sensitivity of strong, high speed, travel several times to complete a process used for forging steel and stainless steel forgings, forging for titanium alloy forging screw press speed between hammer and press between several times or a trip to complete a process, used for forging steel, stainless steel and titanium alloy forging screw press the forging equipment substantially more like a hammer, which belongs to the energy limited in forging machine, the demand of large load, under normal circumstances can reach two times the nominal load. Screw press blow speed of about 0.7m/s, ratio of hydraulic press and mechanical press several times to several times, in the forging equipment on the deformation speed sensitive and low temperature alloy powder needs careful.

High quality and low cost forging is the basic objective of forging equipment technology. How to find out the potential of existing forging equipment and how to improve the forging process has become a topic of great concern to the industry. It is very important to choose the forging equipment of the forging parts reasonably and discuss the function of the forging equipment.