Free Forging Process For Forging Equipment Forging

- Aug 29, 2017-

Forging equipment forging free forging process should be based on the shape of forging and forging process characteristics, and then to formulate relevant free forging process regulations, arrange production.

In the forging process of the forging equipment, the free forging procedure is formulated, including the design of the forging drawing, the determination of the quality and size of the billet, the determination of the deformation process and the forging ratio, and the selection of the forging equipment. The development process is the preparation of free forging procedures is an important part of the forging process of the main is to determine the deformation to determine the basic processes, auxiliary processes and finishing processes, and to determine the deformation sequence and intermediate billet size etc.. But note that each process must conform to the rules of deformation of blank size, blank size must be considered in the process of deformation changes, but also to consider the fire loss, ensure all parts are forging volume tolerance appropriate.

Not only that, the forging of free forging process in the final finishing time, but also have a certain amount of trimming.