Grinding Machine Safety Protection

- Apr 29, 2018-

Grinding processing is widely used and is one of the main methods for precision machining of machine parts. However, due to the high rotational speed of the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel is relatively hard, brittle, and cannot withstand heavier impacts. By accidental operation, crashing the grinding wheel can have very serious consequences. Therefore, the safety and technical work of grinding is particularly important. A reliable safety protection device must be adopted. The operation must be concentrated and ensured. In addition, the fine sand and metal shavings that are spattered on the grinding wheel's workpiece can injure the worker's eyes. If workers inhale this dust in large quantities, they are harmful to the body and appropriate protective measures should be taken. The following safety technical issues should be noted when grinding.

Before starting the drive, the machine tool should be carefully inspected, including the inspection of the operating mechanism, electrical equipment, and magnetic chucks. After the inspection, it is lubricated. After the lubrication, it is tested and it is confirmed that everything is in good condition before it can be used.

When installing the workpiece, it is necessary to pay attention to the positive and tight clamping. During the grinding process, the loose workpiece can cause the workpiece to fly out of the wound or crash the grinding wheel. When starting work, the manual adjustment method is used to make the grinding wheel slower and close to the workpiece, and the amount of starting feed should be small, and excessive force must not be used to prevent collision of the grinding wheel. When the reciprocating motion of the workbench is required to be controlled by the fence, it is required to adjust the length accurately according to the length of the workpiece, and to firmly hold the iron.

When changing the grinding wheel, you must first carry out the visual inspection, whether there is a trauma, and then hit with a wooden hammer or a wooden stick, and the sound is required to be clear without cracks. When installing the grinding wheel, it must be assembled according to the specified method and requirements. After the static balance is adjusted, it shall be installed and tested. After everything is normal, it can be used.

Workers should wear protective glasses during work, and they should balance the grinding wheel to prevent impact. Measuring the workpiece, adjusting or wiping the machine must be done after the machine is shut down. When magnetic chucks are used, the disc surface and workpiece must be wiped cleanly, tightly, and firmly sucked. When necessary, stoppers can be added to prevent the workpiece from shifting or flying out. Pay attention to installing the wheel guard or machine plate, and stand at the front side of the high speed rotating wheel.