High Quality Small Electric CNC Hydraulic Four Column Hydraulic Press

- Feb 03, 2018-

Machine structural features:

1. HP series single-column hydraulic press is one of the new generation flat-plate processing technology developed by Boduan. Suitable for large work space design - For automatic forming, stamping, bending, straightening and multi-machine assembly, the formation of automated production lines.

2. Steel frame structure, good rigidity, small deformation, compact structure, large body width, eliminate vibration and improve the life of the machine.

3. Enclosed drive, easy to maintain, eliminate, exposed to hanging parts, sliding and T-stand Tols.

4. Highly advanced, rigid support gear, work in the oil tank, no noise, save space, reduce the shaft deflection, extend gear life.

5. The complete equipment is completely safe (according to EN292: 1994, EN60204: 1994 and NR12) and is defined as safety class 4

6. After the welding process, machining frames, mounting surfaces and connecting holes up to 60 'at a time.

CNMazak News Features:

1. Use Variable Flow Piston Pump - Provides high pressure, high speed, durability and low noise.

2. Master cylinder designed for high-speed design, motor power, lifting speed, high efficiency.

3, the press using hexagonal rectangular plus long ribs, high precision, precision and stability.

4, hydraulic piping system using integrated circuits - Containers with integrated block, reducing pipelines and oil spills, maintenance is simple and safe. Hydraulic system from Bosch, Germany

Piston after heat treatment and precision grinding processing, the use of imported high-quality oil seals and seals. High wear resistance and durability.

6. The machine is a two-hand button and foot switch, in order to achieve continuous, single point and inching action.

7. Overload protection device equipped with hydraulic system to ensure no leakage, you can directly read or view the oil level.

8. All pipes, flanges and fittings have shock and leak proof design and setting.

Processing is in the modern pentagonal processing center and CNC boring and milling machine to ensure the highest accuracy.