High Frequency Forging Induction Heating Equipment

- Nov 25, 2017-

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: HF-25AB

  • Condition: New

  • Brand Name: Yuelon

  • Operation: Safe&Easy

  • Guaranty: 12month

  • Work Condiction: 24hours

  • Specification: 15-70kw

  • HS Code: 8514400090

  • Used for: Forging, Hardening, Melting, Heating and etc.

  • Place of Origin: Yongkang China (Mainland)

  • Certificate: CE

  • System: IGBT

  • Mining Object: 1 Set

  • Origin: China

Product Description

Main characteristics:
1. IGBT inversion technology based LC series circuit.
2. Phase locking looping technology and soft switch ensure good reliability, realize power and frequency tracking automatically.
3. Diode rectifier cause high power factor more than 0.95
4. Working continuously with 100% duty cycle, power can be instantly turned on or shut off.
5. Perfect protective circuit and cooling system design, which ensure the good reliability of machine.
6. Low energy consumption: Converts up to 97.5% above of the expended energy into useful heat. Energy saving 15%-30% compared with SCR induction heating machine.
7. Environment friendly, clean, non-polluting process which will help protect the environment, improves working conditions for your employees by eliminating smoke, waste heat, noxious emissions and loud noise.
8. Operating and installation easily and safely
9. Can subsititue traditional heating methods.

Model Net weight(KG)Size: L x W x H (mm) Packing weightPacing size: L x W x H (mm)
HF-25AB generator32KG460x270x440mm35KG610x350x540mm
HF-25AB transformer30KG460x200x440mm40KG610x500x540mm

Application of Induction Heating Machine:

A. Heating (hot forging, hot fitting and smelting):
1 Hot forging aims to fabricate the work pieces of certain temperature (different materials require different temperatures) into other shapes through forging press with the help of punch press, forging machine or other equipments, for instances, hot extrusion of watch case, watch flan, handle, mold accessory, kitchen and table ware, art ware, standard part, fastener, fabricated mechanical part, bronze lock, rivet, steel pin and pin.

B. Heat Treatment (surface quench):
It is mainly aims to change the rigidity of the metal materials through the heat treatment to work pieces. Detail applications are stated as follows:

1. Quench for various hardware and tools, such as plier, wrench, hammer, ax, screwing tools and shear (orchard shear).
2. Quench for various automobile and motorcycle fittings, such as crankshaft, connecting rod, piston pin, chain wheel, aluminum wheel, valve, rock arm shaft, semi drive shaft, small shaft and fork.
3. Various electric tools, such as gear and axes.
4. Quench for machine tools, such as lathe deck and guide rail.

C. Welding (braze welding, silver soldering and brazing)
It mainly aims to melt the solder by heating it to a certain temperature for the purpose of connecting two types of metals of the same material or different materials.

1. Welding of various hardware cutting tools, such as diamond tool, abrasive tool, drilling tool, alloy saw blade, hard alloy cutter, milling cutter, reamer, planning tool and solid center bit. 

2. Welding of various hardware mechanical gadget: Silver soldering and brazing of metals of the same variety or different varieties, such as hardware toilet and kitchen products, refrigerating copper fitting, lamp decoration fitting, precision mold fitting, hardware handle, eggbeater, alloy steel and steel, steel and copper as well as copper and copper.
3. Compound pot bottom welding is mainly applicable to the braze welding of circular, square as well as other irregular plain pot bottom. It is also applicable to plain braze welding of other metals.
4. Welding of heating disc of electric hot-water kettle mainly refers to the braze welding of stainless steel flat base, aluminum sheet and tubular electric heating elements of various forms.

D. Annealing (tempering and modulation):
1. Annealing of various stainless steel products, such as stainless steel basin, annealed and extruded can, annealed folded edge, annealed sink, stainless steel tube, tableware and cup.