Hydraulic Press Plate Heat Exchanger Production Equipment

- Jan 27, 2018-

Performance Feature:

The frame and main oil cylinder of this series of hydraulic presses manufactured by us adopt the tangled structure by prestressed wire which is more safe and steady. The pipe parts between the machine and hydraulic system are assembled underground to make it looks beautiful and safe.


Basic Machine:

The flexible work platform(6000T,8000T,10000T,12000T) is assembled on the top side of the flexible girder to make it easy to change mould during operating. It will save both time and labor during the process. The displacement sensor system with it makes it more efficient. The up and down of work platform can be set at specified value to meet requirement correctly and timely.


Hydraulic System:

   The fully sealed structure of oil tank and the integrated structure of valve plate make it easy to check and maintain the breakdown. The cooling of hydraulic oil is achieved with freon refrigerating system. Oil temperature can be controlled automatically at needed value. Independent oil filter is assembled to keep the clean of hydraulic oil. The hydraulic oil filtering can be achieved anytime.