Hydraulic Rebar Connection Forging Manipulator For Construction Use

- Feb 05, 2018-

 Upsetting machine also called upset machine or forcing machine.


   1.  High joint strength,it can play 100% steel tensile,compresive strength,to meet the chinese standard(JGJ1072010), American standard(USB,1997),British standard(BS8110),Taiwan (560)(CNS) and other relevant standards at home and abroad to come.

 2.The operation is simple,do not need professional technicians,field connection speed.


 3. High production efficiency,can produce 300-500 per machine team wire head and prepared ahead of time,no time limit for a project,Environmental protection,a safty,econmy,less investment,low cost.


 Technical Parameters:


 1.Processing reinforcement range:16mm-32mm,

 2.Moto power:7.5kw.

 3.Rated power:380V,50Hz

 4.Hydraulic oil:68# anti-wear hydraulic oil.

 5. Maximum pressure:30MPa.