Information Of Forging Hammer

- Jan 17, 2018-

Forging hammer forging equipment is the most widely used one. Forging hammer is dropped by the hammer or external force processing to produce high-speed kinetic energy of the blank to do work, so that the occurrence of plastic deformation of machinery. Forging hammer is the most common and the longest history of forging machinery, it is simple in structure, flexible in work, wide in use and easy to repair, suitable for free forging and forging. But the vibration is bigger, it is more difficult to realize automatic production.

How it works: using steam, hydraulic and other transmission machinery so that the falling part (piston, hammer, drill, module) movement and accumulation of energy, this kinetic energy is applied to the forging, the forging plastic deformation energy to complete a variety of forging crafting process.

Features: Forging hammer structure is simple, process adaptability, is now the main forging production equipment; Forging hammer generally divided into air hammer (steam hammer), the hammer, electro-hydraulic hammer. Due to the presence of air hammer vibration, high noise characteristics, suitable for medium and small tonnage; large tonnage forging hammer principle hammer, electro-hydraulic hammer and other equipment instead. Forged hammers can be divided into free forging hammer, forging hammer and so on.

The use of pneumatic or hydraulic transmission mechanism so that the falling part (piston, hammer, hammerhead, anvil (or module), movement and accumulation of kinetic energy, in a very short time to forgings, to obtain plastic deformation energy, to complete Forging forging of a variety of forging process known as forging hammer hammer hammer fixed anvil for the anvil hammer; hammer on the hammer against the hammer is no anvil.