Information Of Grinding Machine

- Jan 19, 2018-

Grinding machine is the use of abrasive on the workpiece surface grinding machine. Most grinders use high-speed rotating grinding wheels for grinding, and a few are machined with other abrasive and free abrasive materials such as honing stones, belts and the like, such as honing machines, super finishing machines, belt grinders, mills and buffing Machine and so on.

Grinding machine can process higher hardness materials, such as hardened steel, hard alloy, etc .; can also process brittle materials, such as glass, granite. Grinder can be used for high precision and surface roughness grinding, but also for high-efficiency grinding, such as grinding and so on.

The relationship between supply and demand is an industry can quickly develop the premise. Market demand is great, but the supply is slightly less than, especially with the core intellectual property rights, product quality is not strong, the industry as a whole lack of brand effect. There is no doubt that the demand of the industry is huge and the prospects of development are good at the stage of strong demand. However, how to maintain the healthy, stable and sustainable development of the industry requires the joint efforts of the enterprises in the industry. In particular, it is necessary to give play to the R & D spirit of excellence, to further improve the production technology and reduce the cost, to truly solve the practical difficulties of customers, to strictly control the quality and provide the most Reliable product.

Grinding machines and grinding wheel motors used in standard machining operate according to the conventional starting circuit. Motor starting at rated speed operation, due to a certain voltage grid fluctuations, grinding wheel workpiece friction load will affect the motor speed error, the standard grinding wheel motor starting circuit generally only one processing speed, difficult to adapt to different workpiece size requirements of different processing relative to the line Speed, so that the processing precision of the workpiece is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, from improving processing quality and processing efficiency, energy conservation and other considerations, the frequency control technology applied to the grinder, you can receive satisfactory results. Machining industry, a wide range of products processed, the size of the workpiece size, processing requirements vary. Relative requirements of the wheel speed in the spindle speed is different, simply adjust the spindle speed to meet the workpiece machining line speed is difficult to adjust to the ideal state. In addition, due to the stress generated by the shaft bending process, grinding process will produce different wheel feed torque, which will bring different changes of the wheel output speed / torque, resulting in vibration patterns / burnish, etc., grinding accuracy Difficult to guarantee, resulting in low production efficiency, low quality and so on. With the development of power electronic technology, variable frequency speed control technology is more and more popular, mechanical processing industry inverter applications received good results. Among them, the inverter stepless speed regulation, soft start, constant torque output greatly meet the machining equipment for constant speed / constant torque requirements.