Installation And Commissioning Of Hydraulic Press

- Aug 29, 2017-

1. The test machine should be installed in a clean, dry, temperature uniform, surrounded by no vibration, no corrosive gas affected the house.

2. The installation location should be suitable for operation and maintenance. Installation of the foundation should be solid and reliable.

3. When installing the tubing, pay special attention to whether the copper washer is placed in the joint, the tubing is clean and smooth, otherwise it can not be sealed after tightening the joint, and it will smear the oil and obstruct the oil flow.

2 debugging method

1). Remove the under pressure plate, the shutter and positioning the core, the 0.10 / 1000 square level vertical and horizontal placed on the piston face, looking for horizontal and horizontal to ± 1 grid, if more than ± 1 grid, Plus horn and then find the right, tighten the foot nut, check to qualified so far.

2). Force scale body of the level of debugging methods:

The 0.10 / 1000 square level instrument on the back of the box after a processing of the detection plane, before and after the detection level. In the pendulum on the A, B, C thallium, start the pump motor running 2-5 minutes later, remove the tubing and oil tank residual gas, close the return valve, open the valve, so that the piston up 5-10mm, Oil valve (oil pump motor to continue to run), check the swing bar at this time with the frame on the next alignment alignment, otherwise it can be added under the seat horn, commissioning to the upper and lower alignment alignment, Tighten the foot nut, and then review it again, if there is error, you can adjust the thallium balance.