Machine Tool Industry, We Should Really Think About It!

- Jan 23, 2018-

Thinking about the machine tool industry has never stopped, especially in the recent news about Shenyang Machine Tool and Dalian Machine Tool, causing the industry's hot debate, the former Vice Minister of Machinery Industry Shen Lie early said.

On the occasion of in-depth study of the 19th CPC National Congress spirit, especially implementing Xi Jinping's socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era, China Machine Tool Corporation held the 30th China Machine Tool Industry Development Forum 2018 operating situation seminar. " This forum is a product of reform and opening up. In the eve of its establishment, Vice Premier Zou Jiahua specifically wrote an inscription for this forum: "Going forward and pursuing excellence". I am fortunate to be an old machine tool worker's identity, was invited to do at the meeting, "Machine Tool Industry and enterprises how to meet the new era of Xi Jinping to achieve a strong dream," the statement, I have always advocated the party's theory with practice, learn from Use, and therefore try to learn the spirit of the nineteenth and the actual situation of the machine tool industry to think together.

Shortly after this speech, according to information circulated on the internet and the comrades concerned in the industry, it was claimed that two major news stories spread in the machine tool industry shocked the industry: First, "the Dalian machine went bankrupt"; secondly, "[heavyweight] State Department VIII Ministries join hands to support Shenyang Machine Tool to engage in major issues. " Although the matter is true, to be confirmed, but the two machine tool group is China's machine tool industry's "giant", we must pay attention. According to the 2006 Metals Association of America, Shen Ji Group ranked No.1 or No.2 among the world's top 500 machine tools and Dalian Machine Tool Group ranked No. 8. Since the reform and opening up, the Shenji Group has undergone reform, restructuring, restructuring and listing, but it is still an attribute of local state-owned enterprises. Dalian Machine Tool Group through restructuring, restructuring into a private enterprise property.