Operating Procedures Of Machine Tools

- Mar 27, 2018-

1. Operators are required to obtain an operation certificate after passing the examination, and they must be familiar with the performance, structure, etc. of the machine, and must abide by the safety and handover system.

2. In accordance with the Run Point refueling, check the oil quality, whether the oil is normal.

3. Check whether each joystick is flexible and reliable, and whether the motor power supply, grounding device and protective device are good.

4. Check the function of each button, manual, automatic work conditions and whether the various parts work properly.

5. Start the machine at low speed and run for 3~5min to observe whether the operation of each department is normal.

6. It is forbidden to change the speed during the operation of the machine. The handle must be in place during shifting to ensure good internal gear engagement.

7. Do not step on the surface of the machine or place objects that damage the surface of the machine. It is forbidden to trim the impacted workpiece on the top of the machine tool or on the bed surface.

8. It is forbidden to place wrenches on the sliding parts of the machine tool, and it is not allowed to arbitrarily stroke the rotating parts of the machine or use it as a brake.

9. When an abnormal phenomenon occurs on the machine tool, stop the machine immediately or inform the maintenance worker to overhaul it.

10. After the work is completed, it is necessary to clean the machine tool, keep it tidy and oil-proof and rust-proof on the guide rails and other driven surfaces. Place each handle in a non-working position, cut off the power supply, and carefully implement the shift system.