Riveting Machine

- Jan 25, 2018-

Riveting machine (also known as riveting machine, riveting machine, riveting machine, riveting machine, etc.) is based on the principle of cold rolling developed a new type of riveting equipment, refers to the rivet can be riveted together with mechanical equipment. The device is compact, stable performance, easy and safe operation. Riveting machine mainly by rotating and pressure to complete the assembly, mainly used in rivets (hollow rivets, hollow rivets, solid rivets, etc.) riveting occasions, common pneumatic, hydraulic and electric, single and double head and other specifications. The common types are automatic riveting machine (mainly for semi-hollow riveting machine riveting, automatic cutting, riveting efficiency!) And spin riveting machine (riveting machine is divided into pneumatic riveting machine and hydraulic riveting machine, Mainly used for solid rivets, rivets or larger hollow rivets).