Small Manual 30 Ton Hydraulic Press Used For Workshop

- Jan 30, 2018-

1, press pressure: 25ton - 300Ton, cutting material with the mold.

2. Hydraulic, manual operation is simple, material accuracy 0.01mm, do not burn.

Three-cylinder, four-column, plane cutting machine

4. Cutting leather, foam, EVA, sponge, plastic sheets and so on.

5. Can be made of large cutting area: 610 * 1600mm or as needed.

Mainly used in die-cutting leather and leather products, plastics, rubber, sponge, foam, EVA, PVC, cardboard, paper products, fabrics, home textiles, packaging materials, non-woven fabrics, carpets, car cushions, blankets, Metal materials in various industries; Ideal for cutting multi-layer materials.

2. Features and Benefits Cutting machine

Features and benefits

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1. Two-cylinder four-post self-balancing connecting rod, can maintain the pressure of each position equal.

2.B series of machine tools using large materials and high-knife die-cutting, long stroke settings.

3. The upper plate is pressed down and in contact with the blade, it will cut automatically and there is no dimension error between the upper and lower materials.

4. Unique setting structure, combined with cutting knife and cutting height, the stroke is simple and accurate.

5. Central automatic lubrication system to ensure the accuracy and durability of the machine.

6. More economical, increase production capacity 2-3 times.