The Correct Use Of Hydraulic Press

- Aug 29, 2017-

The main principle of hydraulic press is the hydraulic processing of materials, in the use of what needs to pay attention to it?

1, when not in use, the hydraulic slider should be located at the lowest point.

2, hydraulic contact with the socket of the electrical rating parameters should be greater than the electrical rating of the machine parameters, and a good grounding measures.

3, hydraulic press is strictly prohibited in the environment can be used in direct sunlight.

4, hydraulic press in the course of work, can not move to change the product.

5, do not understand the performance of the machine structure or mode of operation should not be free to start the machine, you should carefully watch the instructions

6, when the machine found a serious oil spill or other abnormalities should stop analysis reasons, should stop using, for maintenance, not sick into production:

7, hydraulic press can not be overloaded use:

8, is strictly prohibited hydraulic machine slider moving key distance exceeds the maximum stroke of the slider, mold closure height of not less than 600mm minimum.

9, electrical equipment grounding must be solid and reliable.

10, hydraulic machine machine face can not be too smooth to prevent the processing of products falling.