The Knowledge Of Crankshaft Machine Tool

- Apr 01, 2018-

Crankshaft efficient special-purpose machine tools also have its processing limitations, and only by properly applying suitable machining tools can the crankshaft machine tool be able to exert high-efficiency and specificity, thereby improving the processing efficiency of the process.

1. When the crankshaft journal has a sinking groove, the CNC milling machine cannot process; if the crankshaft journal sinking groove, the CNC high-speed milling machine and CNC milling machine can not be processed, but the CNC car - car Pulling machine tools can be easily processed.

2. When the side of the balance block needs to be machined, the CNC milling machine tool should be the preferred machine tool because the inner milling cutter disk is positioned outside the circle and has good rigidity. It is especially suitable for machining large-scale forged steel crankshafts; at this time, it is not suitable for the numerical control car. In the machine tool, because the side of the balance weight of the crankshaft needs to be machined, CNC machine-turning machine is used for machining. The side of the balance block is intermittently cut, and the crankshaft speed is very high. Under this working condition, the phenomenon of chipping is compared. serious.

3. When the journal of the crankshaft has no undercut and the side of the balancer does not need to be machined, in principle, several types of machine tools can process. When machining the crankshaft of a car, the main journal is a CNC machine-turning machine, and the connecting rod neck is CNC. High-speed external milling machines should be the best choice for high-efficiency machining. When machining large-scale forged steel crankshafts, the use of CNC internal milling machines for main journals and connecting rod necks is reasonable.

The crankshaft can be divided into larger forged steel crankshafts and lightweight car crankshafts. Forged steel crankshaft journals generally have no undercuts, and the side surfaces need to be machined with a large margin; the crankshafts of car crankshafts generally have undercut grooves, and The side does not need to be machined and therefore it can be concluded that the machining forged steel crankshaft adopts a numerically controlled inner milling machine, and the machining of the crankshaft main journal of the car adopts a numerically controlled vehicle-car pulling machine tool, and the connecting rod neck adopts a CNC high-speed outer milling machine tool which is a reasonable and efficient processing option.