The Main Technical Conditions Of Hydraulic Press

- Aug 29, 2017-

The technical requirements of the drawings and technical documents of the hydraulic press shall be in accordance with the delineation of the relevant standards and shall be used for production after approval.

Hydraulic components of the components, should have the relevant installation identification mark, which plate or tube valve installation must be accurate directional measures, including piping and hydraulic components of the channel should be dust-proof measures.

Hydraulic machine design should be reasonable layout, beautiful shape, the use of safe and reliable operation, the operation of agile light, hand operation force is not greater than 49N (5kgf) pedal force is not greater than 78? 4N (8kgf).

Integral or sectorally packaged hydraulic presses and their parts shall comply with the current scale and relevant delineation of transport and loading.

Hydraulic components weighing more than 15kg parts, components or equipment, etc. are required to facilitate lifting and installation, if necessary, should be equipped with lifting hook or hook (ring).

Important rails to pay the column, live (column) plug, etc. should take wear-resistant measures.

Slider guide work (or the surface) and the fuselage track surface should maintain the necessary hardness difference.