​The Maintenance Of Automatic Production Line

- Apr 07, 2018-

The automatic production line saves a lot of time and costs. In industrially developed cities, the maintenance of automatic production lines has become a hot spot. Automatic production line maintenance mainly depends on operators and maintenance workers to jointly complete.

Two major methods of automatic production line maintenance:

Synchronous repair method: In the middle of production, if it is found that failures are not repaired, take maintenance measures. The production line will continue to be produced until the holidays, and maintenance workers and operators will be centralized to repair all problems simultaneously. The equipment is normally on full production on Mondays.

Divisional repair method: If there are major problems with the automatic production line, the repair time will be longer. Can not use synchronous repair method. At this time, the use of holidays, centralized maintenance workers, operators, to repair a certain part. Until the next holiday, repair the other part. Ensure that the automatic production line does not stop production during working hours. In addition, try to use pre-repair methods in management. Install the timer in the equipment, record the working time of the equipment, apply wear rules to predict the wear of the wearing parts, replace the wearing parts in advance, and eliminate the fault in advance. Ensure full production of the production line.