The Movement Of Machine Tools

- Mar 26, 2018-

According to the role played in the cutting process, cutting motion is divided into main motion and feed motion.

Main movement: It is the work movement that forms the cutting speed or main power consumption of the machine.

Feed movement: It is the work movement that makes the redundant material of the workpiece continuously removed.

There is only one main movement in the cutting process and there can be more than one feed movement. The main movement and feed movement can be done by the tool or the workpiece separately or by the tool alone. In addition to the cutting movements, the machine tool movements also have auxiliary movements that must be performed in order to assist the cutting process of the machine tool.

Machine drive

The transmission mechanism of a machine tool refers to a mechanism that transmits motion and power, and is simply referred to as a machine tool drive.

The transmission mode of the machine tool is divided into mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission, electric power transmission, pneumatic transmission and the combined transmission of the above several transmission methods according to the characteristics of the transmission mechanism. According to the transmission speed adjustment change characteristics, the transmission is classified into step-drive and stepless transmission.