The Prospects For The Development Of Automated Production Lines

- Apr 08, 2018-

The development of technologies such as digital control machine tools, industrial robots, and electronic computers, as well as the application of group technology, will make the automation of the line more flexible and enable the automation of multi-species, medium and small batch production. Many varieties of adjustable automatic lines, reducing the economic volume of automatic line production, and thus more and more widely used in the machinery manufacturing industry, and to the development of more highly automated flexible manufacturing systems. Automatic production line in the absence of intervention in accordance with the provisions of the procedures or instructions to automatically operate or control the process, its goal is "steady, accurate, fast." Automation technology is widely used in industry, agriculture, military, scientific research, transportation, commerce, medical care, services and family. The use of automatic production lines not only frees people from heavy manual labor, part of mental work, and harsh and dangerous working environments, but also expands the functions of human organs, greatly increases labor productivity, and enhances human capabilities to understand the world and transform the world. .