What Are The New Forging Equipment?

- Aug 29, 2017-

In machining and forging, the machines used for forming and separating are generally referred to as forging equipment. Forging equipment including forging forming used, forging, hydraulic machine, mechanical press, and uncoiler, forging machine for operation. Forging equipment, also called metal forming bed, is mainly used for forming metal. The metal is formed by exerting pressure on the metal, which is characterized by large force and heavy machinery, so it is necessary to make safety facilities.

There are many types of forging equipment. They are divided into two major categories: straight line, back and forth movement and rotation movement. To introduce the characteristics of these two different ways:

1, straight back and forth motion forging equipment:

1) forging equipment with dynamic impact

2) forging equipment with combination of static and dynamic loads

3) forging equipment with high efficiency impact

Forging device 2, rotary motion: this type of equipment operation, die installed in the roller two or more than two of the relative rotational movement.

According to the above introduction, the new forging equipment is mainly to improve the capacity of the former equipment, convenient control, in order to increase production and improve efficiency.